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Mushroom Log Cultivation Workshop
Unfortunately we are taking a break from workshops while we build our new home.
Shiitakie mushroom workshop

 This workshop will cover the basics of Shiitake and Oyster mushroom cultivation.   How to pick and harvest logs, inoculation methods, mushroom log care and harvesting.   The primary focus and fun of the workshop will be inoculating pre-harvested logs for participants to take home.  

$50 ($75 for a couple)    This includes one Oyster or Shiitake log to take home

$100 ($120 for a couple)   this includes 5 Oyster and/or Shiitake logs to take home.  That comes out to $12.50 ea for the extra logs which retail for $25.

 Workshop will be rain or shine as inoculation area is under cover.   Please bring raincoat/umbrella to view the mushroom log yard.

It is recommended to wear work clothes and bring gloves as we will be working with hot wax and logs.   (ear plugs will be provided)

Shiitake and Oyster Logs for sale.  
Experience the joy of growing your own gourmet mushrooms without the labor of harvesting and inoculating the logs.   We sell logs occasionally at the Charlottesville Farmers Market and by appointment at the farm.   

Shiitake Logs
$25 for 3' log  

Oyster Logs

Oysters often fruit in the summer and fall

Young shiitake mushrooms not yet ready to harvest

Time to pick these shiitake mushrooms
big mushroom on baby lap
Some times they grow really big