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2014 was a great season and we are happy to share the wildflower sweetness.  
We have in honey in all sizes of containers 2oz to 2 lbs
and "on tap" at the farm. 
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Playing With Fire

A recently caught swarm.  The bees are fanning nasanof pheromones to spread the location of their new home to the rest of the colony.


NUC mating yard after a spring thunderstorm Spring 2012

The bees are within a stones throw of the house and gardens.   Some times their afternoon play-flights sound like swarms.

Raising NUCs in the late summer 2011

Late night NUC construction Summer 2011.  
Sometimes you need the equipment yesterday!

Inspecting recently capped queen cells

Nursery bees checking out a
freshly transferred swarm queen cell.

A virgin Carniolan Queen.   Not the neatest marking job on this one but the irregular markings helps for identification after mating. 

What's that pollen on your bee?
Here is a good Link to learn about beekeeping basics


Grafting Queens from a Breeder Colony 

Pulling a frame of open "milk" brood from my pol-line x Allegro hygienic Italian breeder colony

Assessing the brood .   Notice 5 frame mating nucs in the background  made to look different for returning queens.

Removing a day old larva with a grafting tool.
A damp sock is used to protect the cells with freshly moved larva.

Placing the day old larva into a plastic cell cup to be moved into the cell raising colony.

Frame with earlier grafts that I am about to place the freshly grafted larva bar into.

A close up of queen cells in production.   The upper cells are about to hatch and the lower bar are about to be capped.  Watching queen cell development is my favorite part of raising queens.

The queen emerged successfully from the cell on the left while the queen in the right hand cell was killed by another virgin queen.

Introducing a queen to a colony between two frames of open brood.   The tube in the bottom of the plastic cage is full of queen candy and the cage is suspended by a toothpick...more often or not that is a small twig.